Techweek AKL 14-22 May 2016

The first ever Techweek AKL starts in less than a week and I'm excited to attend some of the events. I think it's a great start to building NZ's tech resources. Sure, it's no TechCrunch Disrupt but this will definitely start us down that path. However I don't think it's very well publicised as I only found out about it while glancing through the last Our Auckland newsletter. Consider this my small part in raising its visibility.

Techweek AKL has various events that help you “immerse yourself in the latest STEM trends from nanotech to biotech, from the Internet of Things to virtual reality, from the on-demand economy to peer-to-peer business.” While it's not a programming-centric event, software will undoubtedly be a major driving force behind those new breakthroughs. Hence I think it's helpful for software developers to check out some of the events and network with current/future industry leaders.

Unfortunately there is a cost involved in many of the main keynote events as they involve international speakers. I am a bit cash-strapped at the moment so have focused my attendance on the free events. Come say hi if you see me at the following Techweek AKL events:

There are many others I would like to check out but they happen during working hours or have a decent cost involved. I highly recommend checking out the Ethereum - Disrupting the Global Financial System mini-conference ($280!).

Photo credit: Lambroso via Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

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