Revisited: Why Care About Culture?

This coder is stepping away from the front line for another week while he takes a well-deserved holiday on the Indonesian destination of Bali. Instead, I will link to an article from the archives and add some new thoughts on it.

This week I revisit my post on why we should care about culture. I put forward my argument that we should pay close attention to culture as it affects more than just whether people have work drinks on a Friday afternoon. This was especially relevant to me as I recently interviewed for some new jobs, and the top question of my mind is always, “Will I fit into their culture?” I was also conscious about portraying myself as fitting into the organisation's culture, by highlighting relevant past experiences. It is something that I look for when I interview candidates, and so I try to make sure they see that when I am on the other side of the table.

Photo credit: Kai Lehmann via Visualhunt / CC BY

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2016-09-16 23:41 +0000