Revisited: Cutting-Edge Technology Cuts

This coder is stepping away from the front line for two weeks while he takes a well-deserved holiday on the Indonesian destination of Bali. Instead, I will link to an article from the archives and add some new thoughts on it.

This week I revisit my post Cutting-Edge Technology Cuts, where I lambasted ASP .Net Core RC1 for its weak tooling support and how I rolled back to ASP .Net 4.5 with my tail between my legs. It's now five months since that post and things have only marginally improved with the official 1.0 release. The issue thread on GitHub is still fairly active but it seems it has been noted by the development team in the .Net Core product roadmap. My opinion is now shifting towards using Core 1.0 for experiments to see what it's all about, but to refrain from full-on production level work until brave pioneers have surfaced other niggly issues with it.

Photo credit: Christian Junker | Photography via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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2016-09-10 23:25 +0000