Retrospective 2016

This post is a retrospective for my entire 2016 year. While the practice of retrospectives is commonplace in Agile projects, the act itself can be found in many areas in our lives. Counting our blessings, gratitude journals, and even some forms of meditation are based on past reflections so that we can prepare for the future.

Some of my highlights this year include:

Starting this Coder on the Frontline blog

I used to maintain a personal blog in my late teens that fizzled out when I started working. I find writing to be quite therapeutic and so decided to start Coder on the Frontline this year. I am normally introverted and this blog has helped me establish my identity as a software engineer and information worker.

Completing my Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management

I started a part-time course via The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand in late 2014, and completed my sixth and final paper in October. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions getting to this point because I had to make concrete sacrifices (free time with loved ones) for fuzzy benefits (career advancement). Those benefits have not come around, but I learned useful skills that I’m putting to good use. Just like my studies, I will build a solid wall brick-by-brick and get there in the end.

Starting a new job

I started a new job in November which I quite enjoy because I get to learn a new industry and be exposed to some modern tech stacks. Why did I leave my last job? It was a difficult decision to quit as I enjoyed everything I worked on. While I dislike giving credence to stereotypes about Millennials, it is true that I will change jobs if I’m not getting the same value as I provide to the employer. It should be a two-way street in terms of helping each other grow. I believe the middle-class in many developed countries are shrinking, and so I need to be proactive to drive my own growth because there are many more talented people out there who are just as hungry.

Wrapping up for this year

I wish you, dear reader, a wonderful break over the New Year. May you be well and happy. Coder of the Frontline will be taking a well-deserved break until 2017.

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