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Strategy Lenses: How Strategy is Formulated

I wanted to do a quick add-on to last week’s post about the many definitions of strategy, specifically: How is strategy formulated? Again, many perspectives abound and one approach is the strategy lenses, as found in Exploring Strategy 10th edition. In it, the authors present various ways of comprehending strategy development, and they can be…

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Clash of Culture – MediaWorks and Mark Weldon Part Ways

A clash of culture happens when cultures don’t mesh – and the resulting fireworks can be very dangerous. It gives further reason to care about culture and how one’s personal culture can affect the entire organisation. Some choice excerpts from NZ Herald – 4 May 2016 article on Mark Weldon’s resignation (all emphasis is mine): “People in that…

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The Many Definitions of Strategy

What is strategy in a business context? That is an even more elusive question than what culture is. I always thought strategy meant market positioning, but my recent academic foray has exposed me to the many definitions of strategy. I list them below, and while some may contradict another, they are in fact all correct….