How Zumba helped me become a better Tech Lead

I wrote about some of the commonalities between Zumba instructors and Tech Leads in my last post. I have a few more points to add on, which will give you an idea of the multitude of skills required to be either. Multitasking Zumba instructors are fierce multitaskers. Our main job is to dance to the…

opening door with a hand pushing it outwards

The Open Door Policy Is Not Enough

I remember hearing the term open door policy when I joined my first company after university. It was touted as a morale-booster because we are free to bring up any concerns we have with our managers, or even managers higher up the food chain. I remember being impressed by the concept when it was explained…

man standing on mountain top looking over mountain range and lake

Faking Extroversion: An Introvert’s Guide

I was having a drink with a friend I haven’t seen in years when he confided that he’s having trouble making friends in a new city. He had moved there to be close to his partner, which meant that his social circle was limited to his partner’s social circle. This posed a problem for my…

Good Interview Questions #26

I’ve encountered all sorts of interview questions, mostly on the receiving end but some as part of the interviewing team myself. I will elaborate on some good and bad interview questions, at least in my humble opinion. The numbers are random fun – I don’t have 25 other examples on this blog (yet).