Taking Shortcuts Make Us Look Stupid

I came across this error message when I was setting up a new Visual Studio Team Services build and found it quite funny. A valid ASP .Net Core project does not need a web.config file when it’s not hosted in IIS, and it definitely doesn’t need a wwwroot folder if it’s an API that does…

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Impact the World with impactNPO

I like doing charitable work. I feel that most of us live privileged lives, whether through circumstance or hard work. It’s always made sense to me that we have a moral imperative to help those who are less fortunate. I finally found a non-profit where I can apply my IT experience to help charitable organisations…

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Are We Becoming Blue-Collared Workers?

Are coders the next blue-collared job? This is the hypothesis Clive Thompson puts forward in his thought-provoking Wired piece The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding. A knee-jerk reaction from IT professionals (read their comments) is to deny any possibility of that happening due to the years of training needed to get to their level….

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Retrospective 2016

This post is a retrospective for my entire 2016 year. While the practice of retrospectives is commonplace in Agile projects, the act itself can be found in many areas in our lives. Counting our blessings, gratitude journals, and even some forms of meditation are based on past reflections so that we can prepare for the…

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Another Hiatus

I am stepping away from the frontline again to finish up my second assignment. I will be back sometime in October to finish my series on Web API practices.