How Zumba helped me become a better Tech Lead

I wrote about some of the commonalities between Zumba instructors and Tech Leads in my last post. I have a few more points to add on, which will give you an idea of the multitude of skills required to be either. Multitasking Zumba instructors are fierce multitaskers. Our main job is to dance to the…

Person holding fresh vegetables

The Chess Master and The Gardener

I love listening to podcasts to entertain my commute. I’ll at least learn something if I’m going to be stuck in traffic 200 hours a year. One of my subscriptions is the Tony Robbins Podcast, featuring the motivational guru interviewing a myriad of successful individuals. A recent episode that really resonated with me is a…

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The Little Things Matter

I had a day off today after a stressful month. So I decided to treat myself to a massage to work out those tense shoulders I’ve been carrying around. But I saw something before the massage even started that reaffirmed my belief that the little things matter more than we appreciate.

Peacock with feathers out

Developer Pride

My development manager recently asked us for input on building an engineering culture at work. I semi-coined a new term: developer pride.┬áThe term has gotten bad rep in the past, but I want to reclaim it in the same way the LGBT rights movement transformed the word pride from the negative connotations of being a┬ádeadly…

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Induction Programmes for New Hires

Few tech companies give much thought to formal induction programmes for new employees. It does not seem to give much benefit at first glance, since it happens irregularly. I have experienced both well-structured and informal induction programmes, and I can wholeheartedly say I prefer the former.