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Impact the World with impactNPO

I like doing charitable work. I feel that most of us live privileged lives, whether through circumstance or hard work. It’s always made sense to me that we have a moral imperative to help those who are less fortunate. I finally found a non-profit where I can apply my IT experience to help charitable organisations…

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Deliberate On-Boarding for Early Success

On-boarding programmes, also known as induction programmes, are the set of activities designed to get a new hire up and running in the organisation as soon as possible. I discussed a few types of induction programmes last week. I will share my own experiences with on-boarding below, including the elements that go into making an…

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Induction Programmes for New Hires

Few tech companies give much thought to formal induction programmes for new employees. It does not seem to give much benefit at first glance, since it happens irregularly. I have experienced both well-structured and informal induction programmes, and I can wholeheartedly say I prefer the former.